CKCS has a collective of private practitioners who do excellent work at our Agency offices in Tulsa, Owasso, and Broken Arrow, as well at school sites around Northeast Oklahoma. We also serve clients in the Northwest Arkansas area through our office in Siloam Springs.  All of our clinicians are committed to connection with clients, competence in their work, and compliance with ethical and state requirements in their profession. We are proud to have them on the team!

Chris King


Chris is the owner operator of Chris King Counseling Services LLC, a private Counseling practice in the Tulsa OK area. After spending over 20 years helping people in areas of camp ministry, youth work, and experiential learning, Chris has been helping counseling clients move toward wholeness since 2011. He was the Director of Programs at New Life Ranch and Camp Orchard Hill, Youth Ministry Director at Liberty Church, and Lead Facilitator with Challenge Quest before entering into therapy work full time. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Oklahoma and a Nationally Certified Counselor who uses cognitive behavioral therapy, ACT, and reality therapy in a typically experiential context.  Chris serves in our Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and Siloam Springs offices.  Chris works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group

Insurance Accepted:
BCBS Private Pay

Our Team of Therapists

Alicia “Allie” Davis

Clinical Director, Drug & Alcohol Counselor, LADC/MH

Feeling down, confused, anxious or angry? Struggling with an addiction? Overwhelmed by life’s everyday challenges? Simply need someone to listen? Allie Davis offers the understanding and guidance you need to achieve greater satisfaction in your life and relationships. While it is not easy to reach out for support, remember that almost everyone will encounter internal or external experiences that require therapeutic intervention. The counseling relationship provides an outlet to explore and modify aspects of life that cause distress and empowers clients to identify and resolve future challenges.  Allie offers individual counseling through Motivational interviewing, Person Centered and Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy approaches, however alternate methods are utilized when necessary to customize treatment plans based on the needs of clients.

In some cases you may need to talk out a quick problem, but in others you may need to process through specific life events, I am here to support you through either. Ultimately, therapy can lead you to greater self-awareness, self-esteem, and most importantly, a more fulfilling life.

Allie serves in our Tulsa Office with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
BCBS, Health Choice, Medicaid, UMR, UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH

Julius Walt

Director of Operations, LPC

Since starting in the counseling field since 2015 I have worked as an intern, case manager, LPC-C, and now a Licensed Professional Counselor and have had the opportunity to work with a number of diverse clientele.

Much of my initial experience has been with adults with chronic sever mental health issues in an intensive outpatient setting with day services, group, and individual sessions. I have also had significant experience working with clients ages 6 and older in individual outpatient settings. During this time I have worked in inpatient hospital settings, serving the unhoused population through shelter work, in multiple outpatient care settings. I have worked in private practice, schools, and community mental health settings. I am supportive of the LGBTQ+ community. I am always looking to expand my knowledge and ability to help and support clients who meet with me in all of the stressors that life presents them. I work with clients from a number of different therapeutic theories based on each unique situation and operate from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual methodology of treatment to ensure that we cover all areas of life that connect to our mental health.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time in the garden and attempting to grow anything I can get my hands on and encouraging others to do the same. I also enjoy reading, cooking, and engaging in the local community.

Julius serves in our Tulsa office and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
BCBS, Optum, UnitedHealth, UMR, Aetna, Soonercare, Private Pay

Tara Brown


My ideal client is any individual looking for a change from their current situation. We all have times in our lives where we may feel stuck, confused, lost and/or alone. In times like these, it’s helpful knowing there is someone who may be able to help. I offer a different perspective, a listening ear and the possibility for change. I want to offer hope for those who have lost hope and insight into why someone may feel stuck in their current problems.

My degree in Marriage and Family counseling has given me a broad education in systems theory, identifying how one member in a family can affect the whole system. I love working with couples, families and adolescents and invite members of the system to be actively involved in the client’s treatment.

If you have suffered trauma, pain, hurt and wounds from the past, hindering you from living your fullest potential, you are a candidate for counseling. It takes great strength to reach out and ask for help. We are not meant to live this life alone. Do not hesitate to reach out if you are looking for someone who can help guide you to a different path.

Tara serves in our Tulsa offices with our CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:
Aetna, BCBS, Health Choice, Optum, UnitedHealthcare, Private Pay

Stacey Darr


I am a licensed clinical social worker who enjoys partnering with my clients to process their experiences, navigate the challenges of life and achieve their goals in a setting of support and compassion. I have over 25 years of social work experience in healthcare involving counseling and case management with clients of varied backgrounds. I am inspired by my clients’ willingness to be vulnerable and their courage to take steps toward positive change. Within my practice, I am respectful of the spiritual beliefs of individuals and comfortable integrating them in therapy if sought.

On a lighter note, I am an animal lover and have never met a pup that I didn’t like. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, traveling, and never miss a chance to go to the mountains.

Stacey serves in our Tulsa offices and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
Optum, Healthchoice, Private Pay

Hailey Walsh


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I have always loved talking to people and helping others through their hard times and to simply be happy.  This led me to where I am now in my career. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from OSU. I then pursued my journey of graduate school and received my Masters of Science in Mental Health Counseling from OSU. I have been working in the mental health field since 2019. I have a strong passion for connecting with and helping others through their hardship and help them to live the best life they can. 

I provide mental health therapy for individuals of all ages, families and couples. I have experience in working with school age children, teens and adults. I have extensive experience in working with anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD and other common mental health conditions.  

I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing theory (EMDR), Trust-Based Relational Intervention therapy (TBRI). I also have extensive knowledge of other therapeutic interventions and modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT), Person Centered, and Mindfulness. I strive to continue my learning process and widen my knowledge so I am able to best help my clients in their needs.  

Therapy is no easy journey; it takes time, dedication, and hard work. Finding the right therapist to guide you in your journey is key. It is important that you feel comfortable and safe with whoever you choose to start your mental health journey with. If you are unsure if you think I would be a good fit, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.  

I am a wife and a mother of a sweet little boy, born in July of 2022. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, playing games and being outdoors. I love to go hiking in the mountains as well as lay on the beach and swim in the ocean. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, baking and cooking!  

I hope that I can help you on your journey in healing and bettering yourself. 

Hailey serves in our Tulsa offices and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
United Healthcare, Health choice, Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Soonercare, and Private Pay

Anna Smith


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor here in Oklahoma. I graduated with honors in 2011 from NSU with my Master’s of Science in Counseling Psychology. I have been a licensed therapist since March of 2014 and have been a licensing supervisor since 2016. My theoretical orientation is in Existential Therapy and I practice from a Humanistic and Person-Centered approach. I work primarily with anxiety, depression, PTSD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Conduct Disorder, and many others. I see individuals, families, and sometimes run group counseling programs. I would love to help you with living your best life and moving in the direction you want to go.

Anna serves in our Tulsa offices and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
Soonercare/Medicaid, Aetna, BCBS, Private Pay

Sheila R. Hudgins


Life is hard and it can become overwhelming with all the difficulties we face daily. It is important for us to be heard and recognized in our struggles and challenges. I am a licensed professional counselor with over 10 years’ experience in community mental health offering therapeutic services to adolescents, adults, and families in a variety of settings. I love to provide my clients and families a listening ear and safe space to be understood and valued in their stories, to recognize how past experiences inform their present and discover strengths they didn’t even know they had. I believe in the importance of the therapeutic relationship and its work of solution-oriented goals and strategies to manage life. If you are struggling, experiencing pain, hurt or loss and feeling the need for connection, understanding and a new perspective, there is hope. This is the time to reach out and make the first step towards healing and growth

I am a licensed professional counselor with over 10 years’ experience in community mental health providing therapeutic services for adolescents, adults and families struggling with the impact of trauma, abuse, anxiety and depression. My focus is client centered and solution-oriented, utilizing Trauma-Focused CBT and Trust Based Relational Interventions to set strategic goals in collaboration with clients and their families.

Sheila serves in our Tulsa and Owasso offices and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
BCBS, HealthChoice, United Healthcare, UMR, Soonercare/ Medicaid

Tyler Ryan


As a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPC-C), I am privileged to be working with a wide array of clients while under supervision for licensure. My biggest passion is helping pre-marital and married couples create a strong intimacy and desire for one another in their relationships, as well as assisting families navigate their struggles to build a better cohesion with one another. My background in case management with adolescents and adults has afforded me the experience to help families deal with those challenges. I also have a special place in my heart for helping families with children who have autism, due to working with these wonderful human beings for the past three and a half years.

Additionally, my service in the Marines gives me a first-hand understanding of the various challenges veterans face. Working with veterans is also another demographic of people that I feel especially equipped to help them with managing their struggles in life.

Tyler serves in our Tulsa and Owasso offices and works in our CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:
Soonercare, Private Pay

Joanna Jackson


I am an LPC-Candidate and I graduated with honors from Northeastern State University in 2022 with my Master’s of Science in Counseling.

Navigating past traumatic experiences while rising to meet the demands of life often leaves us emotionally depleted, anxious, and going through the motions in “survival mode.” The most important lesson I have learned on my own healing journey is that healing does not begin from any place other than within. Learning to slow down and choose me in a world that constantly rushes us from one thing to the next has been instrumental in allowing me to create a life that is intentional, authentic, and fulfilling. I am passionate about helping my clients obtain the tools and awareness they need to reclaim control and create the life they want to live.

I primarily work with clients experiencing anxiety, depression, trauma, and general life stressors. I also enjoy helping clients navigate life transitions, spiritual deconstruction/reconstruction, self-esteem, and boundaries. I practice from a person-centered, strengths-based, and solution-focused theoretical foundation. Other modalities include Mindfulness as well as a holistic and Polyvagal informed lens to promote mind-body connection.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two cats. I love a good brunch with close friends and I travel every chance I get.

Joanna serves in our Tulsa office and works in our partnership with The HUB in Sand Springs.  She also works in CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:
Soonercare, Private Pay

Lindsay Doran


I am an LPC candidate with a master’s degree in licensed professional counseling with a concentration in marriage and family therapy. I believe you are the expert on your own life and my goal is to meet you where you are at to discover the most helpful way forward that works best for you. I primarily employ a form of CBT called Cognitive Behavior Modification that focuses on whatever you are feeling and how it ties into thoughts and behaviors. I view emotions as a message from your body trying to tell you something. I think perspective is powerful and that part of our realities are formed from the stories we tell ourselves. I also have a heart for helping people grow in their self-compassion as well as finding meaning and purpose.

On a personal note, I was born and raised in Tulsa and I enjoy baking, reading, working out, drawing, watching movies, going on walks and runs with friends, and trying out new restaurants and coffee shops with my soon to be husband.

Lindsay serves in our Tulsa office and works in our partnership with The HUB in Sand Springs.  She also works in CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:
Soonercare, Private Pay

Dylan Hillock


I am an LMFT-candidate with a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Auburn University.
Life and relationships can be challenging to say the least. Sometimes it can feel like our mind, body, and relationships are working against us, like we are out of control. Whether you have experienced trauma, struggle with anxiety or depression, or are experiencing difficulties in your relationships, I believe you have the ability to create the change you are looking for through empathy, insight, and action.
As a systems-oriented therapist, I account for the biological, psychological, and social aspects of well-being, and how each aspect relates to the world around you. I have experience working with couples experiencing infidelity, relationship distress, and major life transitions. I also enjoy helping adults, adolescents, and children struggling with depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and trauma. No matter your specific circumstances, you deserve the opportunity to receive the help you are looking for with unconditional positive regard. Initiating therapy can be difficult, and it can also serve as the most important step on the path towards your overall health goals. I look forward to the opportunity to work alongside you.
Outside of therapy I enjoy all things outdoors. A few of my many hobbies include rock climbing, mountain biking, walking/hiking with my wife and two dogs, and camping with friends.

Dylan serves in our Tulsa and Owasso offices and works in our partnership with The HUB in Sand Springs.  He also works in CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:
Soonercare, Private Pay

Meghan Dodson


I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Behavioral Science from Rogers State University and a Master’s of Human Relations, in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from the University of Oklahoma. Helping people has always been a passion of mine. Prior to graduate school, I worked as a social worker in the foster care setting where I devoted 10+ years working with children and families. This work deepened my understanding about attachment, the critical importance of connection in human development and its impact. I have worked with people of all ages and stages of life. My additional passion is helping clients through transitional times— especially new parenthood. Parenting is hard, but it can be much more rewarding and energizing when we refocus our priorities on authentic and loving connections. My empathetic nature plays a role in my therapeutic style. Much of my clinical work draws from Emotionally Focused Therapy, trauma informed, relational, and attachment-based approaches, as well as elements of cognitive- behavioral therapy, mindfulness practices. However, I value an eclectic approach and meeting my clients where they are and coming along side them. Just as important as the clinical framework, is my connection with you, the client. My goal is to assist you in exploring and discovering your own ability to heal from within. Through empathy, insight, and mindfulness I work to create a safe, connected, and restorative environment where you feel heard without fear of judgment.  

Meghan Serves in our Tulsa office and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:
Private Pay

Mike Blacet


My counseling approach accepts the whole person and their broad experience, taking this into account to help clients to see and understand their pain, strengths, root causes, and remedies in order to move toward a full sense of healing and resolution. I believe that this full sense of healing cannot be had without a strong and healthy sense of purpose, hope, identity, and worth. “Why is this happening?” and “What can I do about this?” are common questions that come with many struggles. This is often true when the struggle is individual, circumstantial, or involves relationships with others. I can help address these issues.

I help clients identify and tend to the needs they have that underlie the problems, to craft practically applied solutions, and to address obstacles that have been keeping clients from their healing. I guide clients to personalized remedies that foster healing and protect from repeating painful and ineffective patterns of thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Mike serves in our Broken Arrow offices and works with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
Aetna, BCBS, United Health Care, UMR, Health Choice, Private Pay

Mary Catherine Corbell


I am experienced in working with adolescents ranging from 4-17 years of age. I am a contractor that goes into several public schools and leads mental health groups for elementary age children where we focus on a variety of skills each week. I also assist in co-leading a trauma group for young children. The group’s mission is to educate and support parents and guardians with evidence based practices. When we can understand how trauma impacts the brain then we can take steps towards helping become part of the solution. My passion is to apply my knowledge and extensive practical therapy to assist children and families reach their highest potential.

I enjoy travel anywhere and learning about a new place!!!! I also love to read and am a book nerd!

Mary Catherine serves in our Broken Arrow offices and works with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
BCBS, Health Choice, United Healthcare, UMR, Private Pay

Leah Mushegan


Hi!  I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and have been working with adults, children of all ages and families since 2005.  I have experience working within multiple modalities, cultures and settings (public schools, office, foster care system).  One of my biggest hopes is to help hurting people find health, healing and wholeness; to find a true and loving sense of self-worth, to be able to communicate well and develop strong and resilient relationships.

Outside of counseling, some of my biggest passions are travel and serving those in need.  I lived and served in Europe for 6 years.  So, I also have particular and personal experience in working with those who are in the caring/ministry/missions fields.

Finding a good fit with a counselor can be so hard!  My top priority would be finding you the help you want and need.  Let’s give it a try and if it’s not a perfect fit with me, I’ll do my best to connect you with someone who is.

Leah serves in our Broken Arrow and Tulsa Offices.
Insurance Accepted:
Aetna, HealthChoice, Optum, BCBS, Private Pay

Dr. Danielle Zanotti

PhD, MA, Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Counselor

I am a clinical psychologist who grew up in the Oklahoma City area and am honored to provide evidence-based mental health care to adolescents and adults across the state of Oklahoma via tele-services (i.e., video sessions). I attended Kansas State University, where I played women’s college basketball while earning my bachelor’s degree in psychology. A fun fact about me is that I was a part of the 2008 Big 12 championship team. I went on to coach for 4 years at KSU before attending graduate school at the University of Tulsa. I earned my doctorate degree in clinical psychology in 2019. In addition to seeing private practice clients, I work for the Veterans Affairs Hospital where I provide mental health treatment to our military Veterans.

I am trained in cognitive behavioral therapies to address concerns related to anxiety, depression, sleep, trauma, and adjustment related disorders. I am a nationally certified provider of two evidence-based therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder: cognitive processing therapy and prolonged exposure. Additionally, I have combined my personal history in competitive athletics and specialty training in sports psychology to be able to provide therapy for athletes who are wanting assistance with improving their athletic performance and overcoming obstacles that are impeding their goals (e.g., problems with confidence, focus, anxiety management, or injury).

Danielle accepts clients through Telehealth only at this time and works with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
Aetna, BCBS, United, Private Pay

Stephanie Ivey


Do you or your children struggle to live in the world that surrounds us all? Find yourself feeling down or anxious? I’m here to help you navigate the “bumps” in the road to your inner peace.
I have personal experience with autism spectrum disorders, developmental delays and sensory processing disorder as well depression. I also have experience working with people struggling with anxiety, ADHD and obsessive compulsive disorder. I would love to assist you on your journey to A Peace Within.

Stephanie serves in our Owasso offices and works in our CKCS Behavioral Health division.
Insurance Accepted:

Melissa Winterschied,


I am a certified infant and early childhood and play therapist who accepts most insurance payments seeing CKCS clients in both Owasso and Tulsa. Let’s face it life is not always rainbows and sunshine. Are you stressed, sad, or overwhelmed? Is your child having problems at home or school? Going through a divorce? Past traumas rearing their ugly head. My main goal is to provide you with a safe environment to work through life’s challenges. I would love to help you find and grow your hope.

I fully believe in treating every client as an individual and that not every client will benefit from one theory. I am certified in Play and Sandtray therapy, and use techniques with both children and adults. I also use CBT, Brief Therapy, and many other modalities to help.

I enjoy working with people of all ages, although my focus has been mostly working with children from birth to 13 years. I work with children, parents, and families providing individual, group and family therapy. I also provide counseling for adults of all ages as they navigate life challenges especially in the areas of trauma, anxiety, and transition

Melissa serves in our Tulsa and Owasso offices and works in both our CKCS Behavioral Health division and with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
Soonercare/Medicaid, Multi-Plan/PHCS, Health Choice, MHNet, Magellen, Beacon, Optum, United Health, UMR, Aetna, BCBS

Rebecca Woodson


I am a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist in Oklahoma and Arkansas and have been practicing since 2012. I received a Bachelor of General Studies in Psychology from the University of Kansas in 2003 and a dual Master of Science in Marriage & Family Therapy and Community Counseling from John Brown University in 2007. My experience lies mostly in working with individuals presenting with symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, complex and/or developmental trauma, and grief. I enjoy working with people of all ages but I primarily serve clients ages 10 and over. People are my passion! I love hearing people’s life stories and watching the process of transformation and beauty that emerges when someone commits to knowing themselves, to healing old wounds, and discovering a new way of being that is more fully alive and embodied.

A few fun facts about me: I spent 4.5 of my young adult years teaching English overseas in South Korea. I enjoy yoga, rock climbing, gardening, traveling, reading, and spending time with my family and friends.

Rebecca serves primarily in our Arkansas offices and works iwith our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
Beacon, BCBS, Multiplan Inc., United Behavioral Health, US Behavioral Health Plan, Health Choice, Optum, United Healthcare, Humana, Choice Care, Magellan Health Services, UMR, Aetna, Private Pay

Ardelle (Roberta) Walters

LPC, YTT-200 (Yoga Basic Trained Teacher)

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor practicing via Telehealth for Arkansas residents. I have extensive experience working with adults on a wide range of issues including anxiety, depression, grief, self-esteem, and relationships. As a clergy spouse I am particularly interested in the emotional well-being of clergy and their families. I have served on a network of therapists for Presbyterian clergy families in Arkansas in addition to serving as CREDO faculty and Planning for Wellness faculty for Episcopal clergy nationwide. I am also the founder of The Partner’s Path, a national organization to connect and support spouses of Episcopal clergy. I happily see clients of all faith traditions, including the non-traditions and non-religious. My free time usually includes yoga, running, walking, writing, an occasional bike ride, daydreaming, and baking (especially muffins). I and my husband Scott have two grown children, Alden and Kate, plus a bonus daughter Hannah — all of whom are amazing twenty-somethings.

Ardelle sees clients in our Siloam Springs office and is only accepting Telehealth clients at this time and works with our private practice Chris King Counseling Group.
Insurance Accepted:
BCBS AR, Aetna, HealthChoice, Optum, Self pay